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RO Membrane Filtration

Rotek has our own designed RO membrane filtration system. We have been producing ultrapure and high-purity water technology for over a decade and have a range of pre-engineered models to choose from. In addition, we offer customized water treatment systems ranging from small containerized systems to full water treatment plants. Our RO membrane filtration system model is known for its efficiency and reliability. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your water treatment needs.

RA series RO system module(150-1,000LPH) Economical RO system
RA series RO Systems (Economical)


Capacity: 800-6,000GPD (150-1,000LPH)


The RA reverse osmosis systems are designed for treating low to moderate TDS feedwaters (below 1,500ppm) encountered in municipal supplies, dams, river waters, bore and brackish water sources.

KSRO-4000 RO System module (with Pulse Flush, Ultra-high Flow)
KSRO series RO System (Pulse Flush)


Capacity: 4,000-6,000 GPD (650-1000 LPH)


KSRO Series RO systems are specifically designed using the principle of KISS “Keep It Simple Stupid” noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960 on a commercial and industrial-sized RO system.

RXL Series RO System module (High Flow)2,000-6,000LPH
RXL series RO Systems (High Flow)


Capacity: 12,000-36,000GPD (2,000-6,000LPH)


RXL Series RO systems are specifically designed to produce the largest pure water production using ROTEK XL-4040 (5000GPD) RO Membranes for feed water TDS below 1,500ppm.

Rotek's HERO system with pulse flush technology
HERO series RO System (High Recovery)


Capacity: 6,000GPD (1,000LPH)


HERO-6000 is a patented and revolutionary piece of light industrial RO system that operates at a minimum 80% recovery rate.
It is one of the first kinds in the market that has 4 major unique features that allow the system... 

Rotek RT series Light Industrial RO Systems Capacity: 3,000-12,000gpd
RT series RO Systems (Light Industrial)


Capacity: 3,000-12,000GPD (500-2,000LPH)


The RT reverse osmosis systems are designed for treating low to moderate TDS feedwaters (below 2,000ppm) encountered in municipal supplies, dam, and river waters, and bore and brackish water sources.

RB series RO system module, design for brackish water, capacity: 1,500-6,000GPD
RB series RO Systems (Brackish Water)


Capacity: 1,500-6,000GPD (250-1,000LPH)


BWB systems are designed for operation with brackish water having TDS values below 10,000ppm. It comes with an automatic permeate flushing system to avoid membrane fouling after long working hours. 

Rotek RT series Heavy Industrial RO Systems Capacity: 3,000-50,000LPH
RL series RO Systems (Heavy Industrial)


Capacity: 3,000-50,000LPH (72-1200CMD)


ROTEK RL series industrial reverse osmosis system is a durable piece of equipment that, with proper care and maintenance will last for many years. RL series RO systems are skid mounted with stainless steel frames...

ROTEK water Desalination SWM series permeated fluch
SWM series Water Makers (Marine)


Capacity: 500-5,000LPD (25-250LPH)


The low-hassle SWM-A series water makers are engineered to fit on marine. Measuring about 2-3 cubic feet, sail and small power boaters have the opportunity and the advantage of a Rotek water maker...

ROTEK SWDF series Desalination Systems  3,000-43,000LPH (72-1000CMD)
SWDF series Desalination Systems


Capacity: 3,000-43,000LPH (72-1000CMD)


Powered by engineering excellence and membrane-based water treatment expertise, ROTEK standard membrane systems encompass reliability and efficiency in seawater desalination. 

RW-800 wall mounted RO system, capacity: 800GPD
RW series Wall Mount RO System


Capacity: 800GPD (120LPH)


The convenient, space-efficient wall-mountable RO systems are substantially lower in cost than frame-mounted RO systems and are more cost-effective to ship. Easy operation, installation, and maintenance.

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