Membrane Filtration


Looking for the best Ultrapure water system?

Look no further than ROTEK! We have a decade of experience in producing ultrapure and high purity water technology. 

Rotek Water Systems Co., Ltd has a multitude of pre-engineered models to choose from,

as well as customized treatment systems from smaller containerized systems to full water treatment plants.

RA series RO Systems (Economical)


Capacity: 800-6,000GPD (150-1,000LPH)


The RA reverse osmosis systems are designed for treating low to moderate TDS feedwaters (below 1,500ppm) encountered in municipal supplies, dam and river waters, bore and brackish water sources.

RL series RO Systems (Heavy Industrial)


Capacity: 3,000-50,000LPH (72-1200CMD)


The RL reverse osmosis systems are designed for treating low to high TDS feedwaters (below 15,000ppm) encountered in municipal supplies, dam, river waters and brackish water sources.

Wall Mounted RO System


Capacity: 800GPD (120LPH)


The convenient, space efficient wall mountable RO systems are substantially lower in cost than frame-mounted RO systems, and are more cost-effective to ship. Easy operation, installation and maintenance.

RT series RO Systems (Light Industrial)


Capacity: 3,000-12,000GPD (500-2,000LPH)


The RT reverse osmosis systems are designed for treating low to moderate TDS feedwaters (below 2,000ppm) encountered in municipal supplies, dam and river waters, bore and brackish water sources.

SWM series Water Makers (Marine)


Capacity: 500-5,000LPD (25-250LPH)


The SWM reverse osmosis systems are designed for treating sea water with TDS below 35,000ppm. Compact installation space on small boats and yacht cabins with easy to use features.

UFD/C series UF System


Capacity: 1,000-24,000LPD (24-576CMD)


UF systems are suitable for removing turbidity, particles and microbiological impurities. The robust sprial wound membranes are operated in the dead-end or cross-flow process.

RB series RO Systems (Brackish Water)


Capacity: 1,500-6,000GPD (250-1,000LPH)


BWB systems are designed for operation with brackish water having TDS values below 10,000ppm. It comes with automatic permeate flushing system to avoid membrane fouling after long working hours. 

SWDF series Desalination Systems


Capacity: 3,000-43,000LPH (72-1000CMD)


The SWDF systems are designed for treating sea water with TDS below 45,000ppm. SWDF series systems are incorporated with ERD which are capable of reducing up to 49% of energy consumption.

KSRO series RO System


Capacity: 2,000-4,000 GPD (350-650 LPH)


KSRO Series RO systems are specifically designed using the principle of KISS “Keep It Simple Stupid” noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960. on a commercial and industrial-sized RO system.

ROTEK Ultrapure water system is highly capable to purify water at an optimum level to make it free of contaminants. In this system, we use different purification techniques that produce a high level of purification ultrapure water with less anionic contamination. 

We also use the advanced standard of Electrodeionization (EDI) water treatment technology that uses electricity, ion exchange membranes, and resin to produce ultrapure water by removing dissolved ions. This is the most favored water purification technology which is the best combination of RO and Electrodeionization process. In Electrodeionization (EDI) System, semi-impermeable membrane technology with ion-exchange media is utilized as pre-treatment of feed water to deliver a high competence demineralization process.     
ROTEK Electrodeionization (EDI) System can able to produce highly purified water. With EDI system membranes and electricity, it alters acid and caustic chemicals. These systems are widely used for power plants and boiler water treatment. 


ROTEK manufactures and installs Electrodeionization (EDI) System that offers safe and environment-friendly performances. Our products are available at the best pricing range and they produce better water quality than distilled quality water. However, it depends on the feed water quality and flow rates. We can deliver this Ultrapure water system according to our client requirements and our products are engineered manual and automatic types.  

We have a quality management system to check the product’s quality. As a customer, you can consult with our expert customer support team about your requirements. We ensure that our RO systems can fit your required application. Our expert engineers are capable to plan and outline the exact unit that meets your needs and expectations.