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Filter Media

Filter media are essential materials used in water filtration to eliminate impurities and contaminants. Types include sand, gravel, activated carbon, and ceramics. Sand removes suspended particles, while gravel complements its function. Activated carbon efficiently eliminates organic compounds, chlorine, and heavy metals. Rotek offers diverse media like Clino-X, Polyphosphate Crystal, Iron Removal Media, and Camag Booster. They are ensuring comprehensive filtration for purified water in various applications.

Silica Sand
Clino-X Sand
Evolet Anti-Scale Media
Polyphosphate Crystal
Manganese Sand
Iron Removal Media
Activated Carbon
ROTEK Camag Booster
Remineralization Media

Ion Exchange Resin


Rotek offers a wide range of ion exchange resins for applications such as industrial softening, ultrapure water production, sweetener purification, and metal recovery in mining. Ion exchange resins are effective in addressing various water-related issues like hard water, scale buildup, nitrates, and arsenic contamination. Sustainable Solutions for Hard Water and Scale: Ion exchange, often using salt for regeneration, alleviates scale buildup and hard water issues.
Explore the specs below for detailed treatment methods and cost-effective solutions.

ROTEK Softener Resin
ROTEK Mixed Bed Resin
ROTEK Mixed Bed Resin 
Vacuum-packed MR120
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