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Who We Are

E-Rotek Water Systems Co., Ltd. is a trusted provider of water treatment solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Since its establishment in 2000, the company has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions to customers in over 30 countries worldwide.

Our engineering design focuses on long-term value and reliable service, and our team of experts has a wealth of knowledge and experience to support all your water treatment needs. With a dedication to excellence, E-Rotek has become a leading manufacturer and distributor in the industry.

Our Advantages

A Comprehensive Supplier

A Comprehensive Supplier: Access a broad range of water treatment systems offering various technologies for tailored solutions to your feedwater source and needs.

Tailored OEM/ODM Service

Utilize our extensive custom design service, partnering with our specialized team from concept to production, to meet unique requirements.


Uncompromising Quality

Employing top-tier components, ROTEK ensures durability. We incorporate globally supported industry-standard formats to facilitate the adoption of new filtration technologies. Our ongoing R&D enhances solutions, including a specialized reverse osmosis membrane for groundwater treatment.


Compact and Durable Design

ROTEK Our systems are engineered for a minimal footprint, featuring corrosion-resistant stainless steel frames, rigid high-pressure pipework, stainless steel braided hoses, and high-pressure membrane vessels. 


Energy-Efficient Approach

Prioritizing efficiency, we offer options like variable speed controllers for high-pressure pumps to lower energy consumption in our reverse osmosis systems.

Who we are

Certifications & Patents

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