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Containerized ​Water System

Containerized UPW Systems For Power Plant in Taiwan



CaseStudy-PowerPlant Containerized UPW

CaseStudy-PowerPlant Containerized UPW



Containerized RO+EDI (UPW) Water System

We use a containerized RO+EDI system designed to deliver 10M3/hr of ultra-pure water at 18.2ΩM is ready to be delivered to the site for boiler feed at a power plant in Taiwan.

ROTEK has been manufacturing and supplying Containerized RO /EDI/ UPW/Seawater Desalination Systems for different applications for the past 2 decades. Our Containerized Reverse Osmosis Systems are the most economical match for such a specific application. Moreover, we are also open to custom-made containerized systems for special applications.

Containerized Water Plant:
Delivering Clean Water, Anywhere You Need

ROTEK's Containerized Water Plant is a game-changer for areas lacking water meeting national standards. Built into robust shipping containers, it requires no construction, ensuring easy installation and minimal maintenance. This innovative solution houses a complete water purification system, ready for immediate production. From ground filtration to RO systems, it's versatile, cost-effective, and simplifies water access.


Anywhere, Anytime: Delivering Clean Water, Anywhere You Need In areas where water quality falls short of national standards, ROTEK's Containerized Water Plant stands as the ultimate solution.

Housed in durable shipping containers, it eliminates the need for construction, providing an easily installable, low-maintenance water treatment option. With a fully-equipped system, including RO units, it ensures immediate production readiness, making clean water accessible in a variety of settings.


◾️ Versatility in Application:

  • Groundwater Filtration: Tackles impurities, delivering a pure water source.

  • RO Reverse Osmosis Systems: Efficiently produces 1000 to 10,000 liters/hour.

◾️ Salient Features:

  • Immediate Operation: Tested electrical controls and optimal piping guaranteeing quick functionality.

  • Cost-Effective: Reduces installation expenses, making it an economical water treatment choice. From groundwater filtration to RO systems, it's a versatile solution for any location.

From groundwater filtration to RO systems, it's a versatile solution for any location.
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