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Instrumentations of Water Treatment


Dive into the realm of water treatment instrumentation and witness a transformative approach to quality assurance.

From the precision of TDS pens to the seamless monitoring offered by flow, pH, and conductivity meters, our arsenal of tools ensures meticulous control of every facet of your water treatment plant.

The Rotek 17-in-1 water quality testing kits, are meticulously designed to assess parameters like pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), hardness, and chlorine levels. With these state-of-the-art instruments, you're not just monitoring water; you're sculpting its quality to perfection, guaranteeing a safe and reliable water supply that stands the test of time.

ROTEK's 17-in-1 Water Quality Test Kit - Quick Results
Water Quality Test Kit
ROTEK RO Controller.png
ROTEK RO Controller
Oasis Wifi RO Controller.png
Oasis Wifi RO Controller
Spec Sheet
Resistivity Controller
Rotameters for Every Application Variable area (VA) flow meters
Spec Sheet
Digital Flow Meter by ROTEK Water System
Digital Flow Meter
Spec Sheet
Pressure Gauge
Spec Sheet
Danfoss Pressure Switch
Spec Sheet
pH Controller help you test and control the pH value
pH Controller
Spec Sheet
Portable pH Meter
Spec Sheet
Portable TDS Meter
Spec Sheet
Conductivity Controller
Spec Sheet
ORP Controller is an analytical instrument to measure ORP.
ORP Controller
Chlorine Controller
Portable Conductivity / Resistivity Meter
Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
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