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ROTEK's 17-in-1 Water Test Kit Identifies Treatment Needs

HERE IS THE ANSWER - 17 Parameters in 1 Package, Easy Steps, Quick Results.

ROTEK's 17-in-1 Water Quality Test Kit allows you to determine the quality of your raw water in just 2 minutes!

Additionally, the package includes a QR code that provides access to a free water analysis service. By using this service, you can send your water test results to our team of professionals, who will then recommend appropriate water treatment solutions to address any issues identified with your water supply.


Complete Water Quality Analysis 

Package Includes :

  • 4 digits TDS/Conductivity Pen with LED backlight x 1

  • Aluminum package with 10pcs of 16 in 1 test strips x 1

  • QR Code Card for Free Consultation x 1

  • Operating Manual with Record Chart x 1

TDS/EC Pen Specifications :

  • Parameters: TDS, Conductivity, Temperature

  • TDS reading: 0-9999 ppm (mg/l)

  • Conductivity reading: 0-9990 us/cm

  • Temperature: 0.1C-80.0C / 32.0F-176.0F

  • Accuracy: 2%

  • ​Battey Type: 3V / CR2032 x 1

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