Water Disinfection


Rotek offers water disinfection systems using the technologies of ultraviolet, ozone and chlorine dioxide systems. UV is mostly used at POU or loop disinfection applications, while ozone and chlorine dioxide can be used at POE application which can ensure the entire pipeline disinfection after the dosing point. 

Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer


Capacity: 200-10,000LPH (1-48GPM)


Ultraviolet light is a natural, cost effective & environmentally friendly disinfection process for use in recreational facilities, homes, and other areas where safe, healthy water is a concern.

Ozonated Water Generator


Designed Flow Rate: 1-30 M3/hr


Ozone enters to bacteria cell and oxidizes its all essential components (enzymes, proteins, DNA, RNA). When the cellular membrane is damaged during this process, the cell will fall apart.


Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) Generator


Capacity: 60GPH


Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing biocide and not a metabolic toxin. This means that chlorine dioxide kills microorganisms by disruption of the transport of nutrients across the cell wall.