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ROTEK provides a wide selection of high-quality pumps from international brands for water systems. With our deep knowledge of the reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment method, we understand that the semi-permeable membrane requires machine pressure to function effectively, and the pump is the primary source of this pressure. As a result, the pump is the most crucial component of the RO system.

Different types of RO equipment require varying levels of pressure, including household, commercial, and barrel-free straight-out models. Household RO machines typically require 70-80 PSI, while some commercial models need higher pressure. Before purchasing an RO water purifier, it is crucial to choose the appropriate model and ensure that the pump can provide sufficient pressure without damaging the RO membrane.

ROTEK_LPE-22 Multi-stage Pump for RO system
ROTEK Multi-Stage Pump
OLIMPIA Chemical Dosage Pump
OLIMPIA Chemical Dosage Pump
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