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Oasis Wifi RO Controller / OASIS Cloud Management
Specifically Designed for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Oasis Wifi RO controller is the extended version of the ROTEK C-5TM RO controller, designed for industrial and commercial use, through the OASIS Cloud Management Platform, it can provide detailed operation logs, allowing operators to manage RO equipment remotely. It enables users to monitor the historical data of the RO system operations via smartphones or computers. 

Why do we need the OASIS Cloud Management?

Over 90% of the market's commercial and industrial RO water purification systems lack operational record functions, relying entirely on manual records. However, manual records are often incomplete or missing, making it difficult for technicians to diagnose problems when the RO membrane becomes clogged or the system encounters issues. Real-time logging of the RO system's operating parameters is crucial for technical personnel! Comprehensive and detailed operation logs allow operators to understand the RO equipment status through the data.
Whether in wastewater treatment, seawater desalination, or drinking water purification, this solution is an indispensable tool for your business. We believe the OASIS-RA series will bring greater value and competitive advantages to your operations.

Key Features
  • Diversified Curve Data Analysis

  • One Click for Service Request

  • Customizable Alarm Parameter Setting

  • Provide All Required Parameters for RO Operation
    Oasis Wifi RO Controller provides 7 major parameters
    1. Operation Status and Time
    2. Raw Water (TDS) up to 9990ppm
    3. Permeate Water (TDS) up to 999ppm
    4. Feed Water Pressure(Kg) up to 20 Bar
    5. RO Pressure(Kg) up to 20 Bar
    6. Permeate Water Flow Rate (LPM)
    7. Concentrate Water Flow Rate (LPM)

  • Patented Raw-Water/Pure-Water Flushing Switching Mechanism

  • Readjustable Flushing Time

  • Remote Emergency Shutdown and Password Setting

The OASIS Cloud Management Platform can realize multiple real-time monitoring and multi-person collaborative management modes, It also allows managers to determine the information management levels.

  • The OASIS Cloud Management Platform is not only applicable to RA series RO systems but also to all RO reverse osmosis systems below ROTEK 6000GPD. If you are interested in this innovative RO monitoring platform or have any questions, please contact us. Let us work together to bring greater performance and value to your business!

  • For best performance, it is recommended to set up a dedicated and independent Wi-Fi network for Oasis. When pairing the Oasis Cloud Management App with the Oasis Wi-Fi RO Controller, please temporarily disable other Wi-Fi networks in the environment to prevent interference.

  • Download the OASIS Cloud application from Google Play. Your phone must be Android 9.0 or higher.

  • Make sure your RO reverse osmosis system RA/RB/RL/RT/KSRO/HERO operates normally and successfully produces pure water.

Device data2
Device data3
device setting 03

Oasis Wifi RO Controller Specifications  

Oasis Wifi RO Controller1.png

Packing List

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