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Oasis Wifi RO Controller
(Remote Monitoring System)
Specifically Designed for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Product Description

Oasis Wifi RO controller is the extended version of ROTEK C-5TM RO

controller, which allows users to monitor historical data of RO system

operations via smart phones or computers. 

It is also designed for RO system fabricators to upgrade their new

and old systems that allow them to give better service to their clients

by getting warnings ahead before the system fails.


Key Features

  • Diversified Curve Data Analysis
    You can select the time axis (day/week/month/quarter/year) you want to browse through the menu, and view the curve trend of different data (water quality/flow/pressure) It is easier to analyze the membrane fouling trend, find the time point when the RO  membrane needs to be cleaned, and prolong the service life.

  • One Click for Service Request
    Both the mobile APP and the web browser have the application function for Service Request. The distributor will be notified and arranged for follow-up matters as soon as the demand is sent.

  • Customizable Alarm Parameter Setting
    As long as there is data, alarm points can be set, which include water quality, operating flow and operating pressure. Diversified alarms Point settings can be applied to different business models.

  • Provide All Required Parameters for RO Operation
    Oasis Wifi RO Controller provides 7 major parameters
    1. Operation Status and Time
    2. Raw Water (TDS) up to 9990ppm
    3. Permeate Water (TDS) up to 999ppm
    4. Feed Water Pressure(Kg) up to 20 Bar
    5. RO Pressure(Kg) up to 20 Bar
    6. Permeate Water Flow Rate (LPM)
    7. Concentrate Water Flow Rate (LPM)

  • Patented Raw-Water/Pure-Water Flushing Switching Mechanism
    Most RO systems on the market are designed with raw water flushing, but in brackish water and seawater desalination RO applied with permeate water flushing can greatly extend the life of the RO membrane. The Oasis Wifi RO controller can be used for both applications.

  • Readjustable Flushing Time
    Different levels of flush frequency and duration depends on raw water quality and the ion saturations of the concentrate stream. Oasis Wifi RO controller has 3 types of flush mode (Start-Up Slow Flush / Timer Fast Flush / Tank Full Slow Flush). 
    All above flush frequency and durations are adjustable freely for different projects.

  • Remote Emergency Shutdown and Password Setting
    The user can use the mobile phone or computer internet to give the shutdown command if necessary, even if someone wants to start the device on the spot, he must enter the password to start it normally. This function can be applied to the rental business model.

Oasis Wifi RO Controller Specifications  

Oasis Wifi RO Controller2.png

Packing List

Oasis Wifi RO Controller1.png


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