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RW series Wall-Mount RO Systems
800GPD (120LPH)

ROTEK RW800 Reverse Osmosis System is an ideal solution for producing low-dissolved solids water from the tap or well water. With its compact, wall-mount design, the system comes pre-assembled and is easy to install. 
The RW800 is capable of producing 800 gallons of purified water per day and includes a fixed wastewater recycling device that helps save up to 50% of wastewater compared to other RO systems on the market.
This system incorporates a high-efficiency reverse osmosis membrane that can be used in a variety of applications including water stores, restaurants, labs, ice makers, humidification, misting, and more. Specifically designed for commercial use, the RW800 is an affordable option for businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, clinics, and hydroponic facilities. 



  • With Rotary Vane Pump

  • With Industrial RO Controller

  • Fixed Recovery Rate: 50~70%

  • Ultra-saving energy

  • Easy to operate and maintain

Optinal Items

  • 20” 5 Micron PP Filter (for sediment removal)

  • 20” Carbon Block Filter (for chlorine removal)

  • 20” Manual Regenerable Softener (for hardness removal)

  • 10” Polyphosphate Filter (for anti-scale)

  • CIP System Skid (for membrane cleaning)


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