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SWDF series Sea Water Desalination System
3,000-50,000LPH (72-1,200CMD)

The ROTEK SWDF system is a seawater desalination solution that prioritizes energy saving. Powered by engineering excellence and membrane-based water treatment expertise, this system is designed to minimize energy consumption while delivering exceptional performance. The SWDF Series provides a reliable source of fresh water at large production capacities, with minimal space and maintenance requirements. Its configuration provides maximum space utility while incorporating ease of control and safety standards.

Standard Features

  • Low Maintenance Danfoss HP Pump

  • Danfoss I-Save Energy Recovery System

  • 1000PSI FRP membrane housing

  • Low & High Pressure Air Relief Valve

  • 5 micron sediment bag pre-filter

  • Rotek rotameters for permeate and concentrate stream

  • Rotek pressure gauges for prefilter feed and RO feed

  • Danfoss low pressure switch

  • SS316 concentrate needle valve

  • Hydranautics Low Fouling Membrane

  • Powder coated carbon steel frame

  • Provision for CIP and chemical dosing

  • Duplex SS High Pressure Pipe

  • UPVC SCH80 pipeworks on low pressure side


  • PLC Control with Touch Panel

  • Fully Equipped and Customizable

  • Factory Tested and Preserved

  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

  • Manufactured in Taiwan

Available Options

  • RO membranes available with brands of
    Filmtec, Hydranautics, Vontron and Toray

  • Digital sensors with remote monitoring

  • Raw water booster pump and controls

  • SS316 or Sanitary grade on pipes and vessels


Above Spec is calculated based on:
feed TDS 35,000ppm, 35% recovery rate, 13.5 l/m2/hr average flux
With proper pre-treatment and chemical dosing, the system will not require for CIP within 1 year.


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