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Light Industrial RO Systems in the World !!


RA series Reverse Osmosis System

(800-6000GPD / 150-1000LPH)

ROTEK compact commercial reverse osmosis system module is a durable piece of equipment which, with proper care and maintenance will last for many years.


It is assembled with exclusive easy to operate automatic RO controller and super quiet LPE high-pressure pump which suits for most of the applications with feed water TDS below 1500 ppm.


Are you searching for Commercial RO System? You can count ROTEK.

We offer the best deal that will meet your expectations and budget. 

However, when people buying these Reverse Osmosis systems for industrial purposes, one term will encounter is TDS that stands for total dissolved solids in water. It determines whether the water is hard or soft. In other words, we can simplify this concept in this way such as the level of TDS in water states the type of water sample. 

Do not fret. We always consider these factors to meet the client’s requirements. ROTEK offers the best High TDS RO system online. They can capable enough to purify water by removing hard water elements and reduces up to 90% of the hardness of the water. They produce low dissolved solids water from higher TDS water by using efficient and thin-film RO membranes and FRP membrane housings. 

Our specially designed High TDS RO system uses corrosion-resistant resources for all high-pressure lines and workings. They can able to lessen the highly caustic nature of brackish waters. We have years of experience in producing the right kind of Commercial RO System that use proven dependable components. We ensure the best membrane life and decrease membrane entangling.

And this can be done by our superior standard of Industrial RO Controller. Our Industrial RO Controller ensures pure water and protection from water pollutants. ROTEK is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Commercial RO System that enhances the quality of water. With having an expert team of sales and support teams and superior after-sales services, we can give you the best deal. 

ROTEK Commercial RO System is highly recognized by our clients due to its qualities in terms of the best functionality, durability, and less maintenance. We always strive to achieve extreme client satisfaction by providing a wide range of products with different specifications.

One Module

RA series RO system is capable to deliver purified water from 150 to 10,000 liters/hour for
feed water TDS up 1,500 mg/l

Low Cost

Thanks to the new manufacturing facility we are able to bring the manufacturing cost down to minimum, by increasing manufacturing 



When you need to increase/decrease the production volume, you can simply add/remove another system module which connecting in parallel with smaller foot print


Plug and play configuration with automatic 

operation that require only one button to switch ON/OFF the system.

4" membrane module design that only require 1 person to do the maintenance

fast delivery

RA series Commercial RO System with standard modulized design allows us to deliver the product out of shelf for various project capacity requirements up to 10,000 liters/hour

We believe that industrial reverse osmosis systems are no longer 
to be expensive, complicated and long lead time to be produced.

E-Rotek Water Systems Co., Ltd.

RA Series RO Systems can

be used FOR:


Food Service refers to the Restaurant and Hospitality Business which involves water treatment for Coffeemakers, Beverage Dispensing, Steamers, Proofers and Ice Machines among others.  In many parts of the country, the water contains significant amounts of hardness minerals – calcium and magnesium.  These hard minerals wreak havoc on the internal workings of Icemakers, coffeemakers and beverage dispensing systems, which makes lime scale one of the most costly problems in the food service industry.



Customer experience is the driving factor for success in the hospitality industry, and this is directly impacted by the quality of water used in food service or provided to hotel guests. Improving the quality of your water will upgrade your guest's experience as they notice better tasting ice, water, coffee and vended beverages, as well as softer, brighter linens. Treated water is also a necessity to keep other amenities such as hot water, cooling towers, boilers, ice machines, and laundry services running efficiently and reliably.



Water is the most common reagent used in the laboratory, and while water quality can often be overlooked, the grade of water being used in an application is critical. Minute traces of salts or biological contaminants can result in unfortunate consequences when culturing cells or performing analytical measurements of biological macromolecules. RA series modular RO system can be used for one of the treatment process in laboratory applications with flexibility for future expansion.



It is the quality of water that puts significant impact on performance of hemodialysis system. Considering an integral part and key requirement for a successful dialysis treatment, it is necessary that hemodialysis water must follow certain standards set up by related authorities. RA reverse osmosis water systems with high salt rejection membranes that produce water following recommended standards of AAMI, FDA and ISO. 



Water treated with reverse osmosis and ion exchange systems for vehicle washes exhibits special properties - unlike normal municipal water, it doesn't leave scale deposits on vehicles when it dries. We can provide your washing facility with the materials necessary to turn it into a spot-free wash, dramatically improving your ability to clean.



Water is essential for growth, and the quality of the water plays a key role in the health of vegetation and the yield, size, uniformity, and overall quality of crops. Well Water used for irrigation can be high in salts, minerals, nitrates, iron, and other contaminants, introducing elements to the soil which can be detrimental to growth and crop yields. If left untreated over time, the effects accumulate as the salts and contaminants left in the soil become more concentrated. Using RO treated water not only promotes high quality crops immediately, but also the longevity of the useful life of soil.



​Perfect for the small water store, water bars, juice bars, coffee & tea makers, flavored & infused water or beverage maker: Water purified by RA series RO systems has had often greater than 95% of dissolved ions, and 99% of most contaminants removed. Reverse osmosis technology is still considered the most safe and reliable method to produce drinkable water.



Process water is used in many different ways including fabrication, dilution, sanitisation or incorporation of process water into the final product. Process water is produced using a variety of technologies depending on the feed water and final water quality requirements. RO systems are very commonly used in one of the process to produce purified water.



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