Media Filtration


Rotek manufactures large range of media filtration systems for a wide variety of applications including whole house filtration, reverse osmosis pre-treatment and post-treatment, and commercial industrial uses. Our filtration systems are equipped with automatic or manual control valves for hassle-free regeneration and backwash cycles.

Multi-Media Sand Filter


Capacity: 1,000-25,000LPH


Multi-Media Filtration contain several types of media and gravel under bedding. It is effective in removing silt, rust, and suspended particles from water with a filtration level of approximately 15 microns.

Iron Removal Filter


Capacity: 1,000-25,000LPH


DMI-65 is the most advanced catalytic water filtration media that we use in our iron removal filters. It has extremely high capabilities of removing both Iron and Manganese.

Activated Carbon Filter


Capacity: 1,000-25,000LPH


Rotek carbon filters are effective in reducing chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odors, suspended particles and volatile organic compounds. Backwashing is required to dispose the accumulated contaminants.

Clino-X Sand Filter


Capacity: 1,000-25,000LPH


Clino-X can remove ammonium (NH4+) and metal cations Pb, Cu, Cd, Zn, Co, Cr, Mn, and Fe from solutions with the recovery of ammonium and some metals as high as 97%. 

Evolet Anti-Scale Filter


Capacity: 225-11,000LPH


Evolet SC3 Anti-Scale systems transform calcium ions into calcium crystals, which are stable and cannot attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware, fixtures or heat exchange components.