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အမြှေးပါး & ဖိအားသင်္ဘော

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Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes

ROTEK's RO membranes are highly effective at removing a wide range of impurities and contaminants, dissolved solids, bacteria, and viruses. 

In particular, the XL-4040 is a Patented RO membrane of ROTEK, a special design low-pressure and ultra-flow membrane for our KSRO system.

Ultra Filtration(UF) Membranes

UF membranes are used to remove suspended particles and macromolecules, while microfiltration membranes are used to remove smaller particles and contaminants. We provide 0.3um, 0.1um, and 0.03um can be chooses to meet your water quality needs.


FRP Membrane Housing / Pressure Vessel

Membrane housing/pressure vessel is vital in water treatment systems, offering structural support and facilitating water flow. We offer 300psi FRP housings as the standard module. Also can provide options up to 1200psi, catering to diverse pressure needs.

4040 (End Open) / 8040 / 80120 / 80160 (Side Open)

Stainless Steel (#304) Membrane Housing

Stainless steel membrane housing is a robust solution for securely housing membrane elements, preventing leaks. It's versatile, used in RO, NF, and UF water treatment systems, and known for quality and strong pressure resistance. Its polished surfaces offer both functionality and aesthetics, resisting UV and deformation. Our sanitary-grade membrane housing suits special applications, including the pharmaceutical and food industries.

SPP-2540 / 4021 / 4040 (PP End Caps)
SS-4021 / 4040 / 8040 / 8080 (SS End Caps)

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