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ROTEK 17-in-1 Test Strips Water Quality Test Kit - Easy Steps & Quick Results!
Special Feature:

  • 3-in-1 TDS Pen + 16-in-1 Test Strips
  • 17 Parameters
  • Easy Steps & Quick Results
  • A QR code inside the package
    It can be used to send your water analysis result to our professional technical team. We will help you determine what water treatment solutions you might need to solve the water problems according to your water quality test result.

17 Parameters: Total Dissolved Solids / pH / Hardness / Hydrogen Sulfide / Iron / Copper / Lead / Manganese / Total Chlorine / Mercury / Nitrate / Nitrite / Sulphate / Zinc / Fluoride / Sodium Chloride / Total Alkalinity
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Rotek Water Quality Test Kit

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