Our chemicals maximize productivity of new systems or improve the performance and extend membrane life of existing systems.

At ROTEK, we focus our vast knowledge and varied experience on a singular goal: improving your membrane system performance. Our scientists, engineers and support team are committed to finding smart solutions. Their dedication and exacting approach bring a tremendous amount of added value to our proprietary formulations and process support services.

Today, we are a globally recognized and trusted supplier in over 100 countries, helping our customers achieve their unique water treatment goals. Our experts determine the most efficient blend of products and services needed to maximize productivity in each step of the treatment process.

We’ve built a reputation on our unrelenting commitment to understanding our customers’ needs and finding ways to help them achieve their quality, productivity, and economic goals in an environment that is constantly changing. Through dedication and forward thinking, we continue to develop products and processes that minimize operating costs and deliver high-performance results.

has a partnership with the best water treatment laboratory in the US
that allows us by provide 3 major services :


Exceeding Industry Standards in scale prediction for even the most stressed applications with Complex Ion (Ci) Intelligence.


Precise dosing projections for the most complex waters and high recovery applications

All calculations are based on published research and scientifically proven, industry accepted calculations


Considers critical variables: saturation constants (Ksp), temperature correction factors, individual ion product calculations and rate of reaction

Autopsy Service (RO/NF/UF Membranes)

The physical dissection of a reverse osmosis (RO) element or microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF) module and the resulting analysis of its foulants can be one of the most definitive methods of troubleshooting a system.

Identifying the cause of performance loss is only part of this valuable service. Equally important are the recommendations provided in the Avista report which outlines the best course of action in correcting system problems including frequent cleanings, loss of productivity, reductions in permeate quality, system downtime or premature membrane or MF/UF replacement.

Why Conduct An Autopsy?


To identify scaling or fouling problems


To determine the proper cleaning regimen


To improve system performance

Protective Chemicals for RO Membranes

All listed chemicals are NSF certified for drinking water applications