Water touches every life and virtually every industry. With distribution in over thirty countries, Avista Technologies serves the specific needs of the global membrane separation industry. Our products and services flow into a variety of business sectors, including municipal water treatment, oil and gas production, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing, energy generation, electronics fabrication, automotive production and mining operations. Avista formulations have received approvals and certifications from the world’s most respected agencies.

Avista takes a customized approach to optimize your RO system, using a combination of high-performance products, laboratory services, and analytical tools. Our proprietary line of antiscalants and cleaners addresses all common foulants in RO systems. For unique or site-specific foulants, our scientists can suggest ways to improve a current approach, or they can develop a product suited to your specific RO system.

Rotek carries the most popular models in stock to be supplied to the market with shortest lead time.

Vitec 5300

Vitec® antiscalants and dispersants are multicomponent formulations that allow higher RO system recovery rates and reduce cleaning frequency.

RoQuest 6000


RoQuest® coagulants improve the efficiency of MMF equipment by increasing particulate removal and providing a higher quality feedwater to downstream systems.



RoClean P303


RoClean P303 powder is a multicomponent, low pH buffered cleaner formulated to remove metal foulants and calcium carbonate from membranes.

RoClean P111


High pH buffered cleaner formulated to remove biological fouling in the presence of hydrophobic and hydrophilic organics and particles, such as clay, from membranes.



RoCide DB20


RoCide® is a non-oxidizing, membrane compatible biocide to reduce biological fouling (bacteria, fungi and algae) in membrane systems.

AntiChlor® 427


It is a modified, liquid sodium bisulfite formulation used to remove free chlorine. This unique chemical is odorless and stabilized to prevent off-gassing.


PHS-112 (Chlorine)


10% concentration of sodium hypochlorite, suitable to be dosed prior to an iron removal filter to oxidation or disinfection of the feed water and treated water tank.

Chlorine Dioxide


One of the most powerful and safe chemical for water disinfection. It is supplied with A and B solutions in separate packing, which required to be mixed before dosage.

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